CSA Tuesday and a Recipe for Zucchini Bread (Gluten Free and reg)

I am super stoked for CSA Tuesday this week. Each Monday night I get an email from Grow Youngstown explaining what I get it my basket that week. Let’s just say this week is going to be awesome!! I got 7 peaches, a pint of blueberries, a bunch of kale, a bunch of rainbow chard, a head of cabbage, 3 onions, 2 heads of garlic, 2 cucumbers, 2 zucchinis, and a 1/2 lb of beans. No picture of this week’s bounty until tomorrow though. After a long day in the heat at soccer practice, it’s all I can do to get this post up.

Now for a recipe. Everyone loves Zucchini Bread. Well at least everyone in my house does. And did I mention that is the only possible way to get my husband to eat zucchini?! Cuz it is. And it sucks since I keep getting tons of it in my CSA as well as coming out of my own little garden. Luckily I have found that you can shred the zucchini ahead of time and freeze it for future purposes. Just thaw and squeeze out the extra juices with a towel.

Anyways… on to the recipe.

zucchini bread

Zucchini Bread (makes 2 loaves)

4 eggs

1 c. sugar

2/3 c vege oil

1/2 c applesauce

1 T vanilla

2 c zucchini (shredded)

1 T cinnamon

1 t salt

2 t baking soda

2 t baking powder

*For non-gluten free sub the following ingredients with 3 c all purpose flour*

1 c rice flour

1 c sorghum flour

1 c tapioca starch

2 t xanthan gum

Preheat oven to 375* F. In a large mixing bowl, mix together eggs, sugar, oil, applesauce, and vanilla. In a separate bowl mix together remaining ingredients except zucchini. Putting your mixer on low speed, pour flour mixture into wet ingredients one cup at a time, until well mixed. Once wet and dry ingredients have been combined, fold in zucchini. Pour into 2 bread pans (make sure to spray them so they don’t stick). Place in oven and bake for roughly 50 min- 1 hour or until a knife inserted into the middle comes out clean. Let cool, and enjoy!!

Personally, I like mine slightly warm with butter spread on it. Yum Yum!!

Hope you enjoy this recipe, and feel free to share using one of the buttons below. I love sharing and feedback!!