Cabbage Rolls (Naturally gluten free!)

Cabbage rolls are a family favorite.  And when I say family favorite, I mean I love them even if no one else in my house does.  Luckily for me though, my extended family is always willing to help out eating them.  In fact I know right now, my mother and sister would kill for one of my cabbage rolls.

Cabbage rolls are really not all that difficult to make, but they are a bit time consuming so make sure you have some time to spare.  Especially if you are making them for the first time.  It does take a bit of practice to peel the boiled cabbage leaves from the head.

This is an old family recipe.  It is not extravagant, but it has been used in our family for at least the past 30 years if not longer, and we love it.  Certainly comfort food for us.

*Also, fair warning!!  Do not eat too many, or you will get a belly ache!  And don’t eat any if you have a dr appointment, or they will wonder if something is wrong with you…lol  I know this from experience!!*

cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls

1 head of cabbage (Mine was from our local CSA!)

1 1/2 lb hamburger

1/2 c rice

2 eggs

2 t Italian seasoning

1 sm onion chopped


tomato juice

Boil the head of cabbage in a large pot until leaves are tender and pliable.  Remove the hard “stem” like parts from each leaf.

In a separate bowl, mix together hamburger, eggs, rice, onion, and Italian seasoning.

Take one cabbage leaf in your hand.  Place a decent amount of hamburger mix on the leaf, and roll it up like you would wrap a package.

Place in crockpot, and repeat until all hamburger mix is gone.

Cover rolls with sauerkraut and tomato juice, and cook on high for roughly 5 hours or so.  The longer they cook, the better they come out (provided you don’t burn them.)

That’s it.  Easy Peasy.

I usually serve mine with boiled, smashed potatoes covered in butter, and corn bread if I have the time to make it.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and more, and don’t forget to stop in and say “Hello!”