About Me and the Blog

“About Me”‘s are always the hardest to write. I am just a lady caught in a funk, looking for a way out. So far it seems the only things that help are writing, cooking, and gardening, so this seemed like the next logical step.

More about my personal life, I am a mother, a wife, and a daughter. My family is everything, so naturally they always come first. I am shy and have low self confidence, so please try to be nice. I am an old lady stuck in a younger lady’s body, and love all things vintage, antique, girly, and lacy. I have a passion for photography and travel, as well as one hell of a sweet tooth for a good gluten free treat.

This blog though, will be me trying to do more for myself, which will help me as well as my family. I will be sharing things that make me happy, like ways to save some moolah, cooking from scratch, and my precious (even though so very tiny) garden. I have a passion for learning, so your tips, tricks, and feedback are always appreciated. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me, and hopefully it will end in something great for us all.


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