Why my girls are going to hate me.

Our kids all have chores.  My oldest takes out the trash and helps with the laundry, my two girls do the dishes and wipe the table, and my youngest helps me set the table before dinner.  Now mind you, that is in addition to keeping their own rooms tidy, which can be quite the task.

Usually the girls’ chore only happens after dinner, or first thing in the morning…. between yesterday and today, they are going to hate me.  😛

Since my husband is on “leave” so to speak for two weeks while his car making plant is on their mandatory two week shut down, we have been trying to save money any possible way we can.  Which means no more paper plates.  No more paper plates = more plates in the sink.

Yesterday was quite possibly one of the worse days this summer.  Besides getting some not so great news, I had something bad happen…. I was going out to get something from our deep freezer for dinner.  I opened the lid, and TADA!!  It was not running, and half of my food was thawed.  :O  In a massive panic, I cleaned out the freezer and brought everything inside to take inventory of the things I could salvage.

I cooked 5 meals worth of food last night.  Which in turn = more dishes.  And since I was so focused on saving what I could from my deep freezer, I didn’t even get the chance to cook up hardly any of the produce that’s just chillin’ in my fridge from my CSA.  So guess what will be happening tonight….. Yep you guessed it.  More mass amounts of cooking and prepping… which means more dishes.

I swear my girls have washed every dish in the house like 3 times since last night.  After tonight, I’d say they earned a treat of some kind!


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