Save Money by Saving Your Carpet!

Quick money saving tip for the night!  My youngest just spilled red koolaid on the floor.  Literally 15 minutes ago.  I was not happy. :/

Thankfully living in military housing for years has taught me a few tricks for fixing things so I don’t pay outrageous move out fees.

So here’s my tip for getting that nasty red koolaid stain out before you spend hundreds replacing carpet.

First, go grab your iron and plug it in.  If you have a steamer iron, make sure it has water in it.



(Every post needs a pictures, so here’s a picture of an iron.  I was in too much of a hurry to actually take pictures of the disaster that was my carpet)

The grab a white towel.  Technically I don’t have any “white” towels, mine is striped.  Personally I don’t think it matters as long as the towel has been washed and is color fast.

In a bowl (or spray bottle if you have one), mix together some Dawn dish soap and water.

Now the process….

Clean up as much of the koolaid as you can with paper towels.

Next spray, or scrub with a brush, the Dawn/water mixture onto the stain.

Cover with the towel.

Iron the towel while it is on the stain.  It will take multiple ironings.  In between each one, spray with the Dawn mixture, and use a clean piece of the towel.  Heck, it may even take a few towels, but it will work!!

I now have clean carpet!!  In fact, now I have to clean my whole carpet because the spot I cleaned is too clean… *sigh*   A mother’s work is never done 😉

Oh and did I mention it works on old stains too?!  I had a stain in one of our military homes that I couldn’t get out for a year.  This trick was my last resort, and it worked a whole year after I made the stain!!




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